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Impact Score Sustainability Ratings

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Zest Organic brings you Impact Score: helping you make even more sustainable shopping choices every day.

With the common mission to bring about positive, sustainable and social change, Zest Organic has partnered with Impact Score to bring their innovative sustainability technology to score the products on our Zest Organic website, making sustainable shopping choices even easier for you!

Impact Score applies clever algorithms they've created to produce sustainability scores for each of our products. The products are also awarded badges, so you can see what things they do well, and not so well. This means you can choose whether this product is right for you.

Behind the scoring sits a complex methodology, which uses the findings of more than 30 certifying bodies and research organisations, and thousands of data points measured across the production system.

Here is the list of Badges that we are applying to our range of products

Free From Additives

Cut back on processed foods by selecting products that are free from additives.

Healthier option

Lower fat, lower sugar, lower salt - helps prevent serious health problems and keeps the waistline trim!

No chemicals of concern

Contains fewer chemicals that are associated with irritation. Also avoids chemicals that have been linked to health or environmental risks.


Organic means lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilizers, higher levels of animal welfare, and more environmentally sustainable management of farmland and the natural environment.


Plant-based food

Low carbon footprint

Products from lower carbon footprint categories will help reduce the carbon emissions from your diet.

Greener cosmetics

Products that are organic or which use more natural ingredients

UK Made

Less transportation is better for the environment. Some people also prefer to buy UK-made products.

Sustainable Palm Oil

The Sustainable Palm Oil badge is awarded to companies who are committed to 100% sustainable palm oil, are making good progress towards that target, and are leading the way by ensuring that the majority of their palm oil is separated from uncertified sources. We set a high hurdle for sustainable palm oil but believe this is important given the impact of unsustainable palm oil on deforestation and biodiversity.

Responsibly sourced

Better for the environment and better for workers.

Better packaging

Buy products with less packaging and recycle everything you can. This cuts waste to landfills saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Kinder cleaning

Cleaning products which are better for the environment.

Animal welfare

Animals reared with higher animal welfare standards have better living conditions.

No animal testing